The Most Fuel-Efficient Cars of 2010

WASHINGTON ( TheStreet) -- How is a vehicle that gets 17 mpg considered "fuel efficient" while another that gets 24 mpg is labeled a gas guzzler? It's all in the eye of the beholder.

Category testing, such as the kind that Consumer Reports conducts for its fuel efficiency ratings, raises many consumption questions. Should the owners of the most efficient pickup and minivan get medals for conserving three to seven mpg less than the least efficient model, or should they be flogged for using more fuel than the least efficient subcompact? Are the most efficient SUVs helping the Earth or are they just part of the problem because they eat as much fuel as the cheaper, least efficient small car?

The value of a vehicle often depends on the values of consumers. With that in mind, Consumer Reports looked for the most and least fuel-efficient vehicles in each category. While some of the winners and losers spend equal time at the pump, the reasons for owning them are worlds apart.

Take a look at The Most and Least Fuel-Efficient Cars of 2010

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