Sanford-Brown, a leading provider of healthcare education, today introduced the Simpro Virtual Trainer™ to 16 campuses across the United States. These campuses offer imaging programs in cardiovascular sonography and diagnostic medical sonography. Sanford-Brown partnered with New Zealand-based SIMTICS, a leader in virtual simulation technology for healthcare education, and co-developed this product to improve learning outcomes and help students confidently meet the high standards of the healthcare industry.

The Simpro Virtual Trainer is intended to enhance and complement existing, proven training methods inside the classroom and at clinical sites. It will provide a convenient and effective way for students to gain experience with key clinical procedures at any time. Sanford-Brown Institutes and Colleges will use the virtual training system in 22 courses in 2010. An online video is available at

The Simpro Virtual Trainer breaks down each clinical procedure into its component steps, requiring students to make decisions about what to do next, which instrument to use and where to apply it. This new learning tool will make procedures more accessible, helping students gain and retain critical information without being solely dependent on patient cases during their clinical experience. Because the Simpro Virtual Trainer has been designed to support Sanford-Brown’s specific curriculum, it will reinforce what students are learning in class, in text books and from instructors.

“The healthcare industry, and more specifically, allied health, is constantly evolving and it is incumbent upon us to reflect those developments in our curriculum,” said George Grayeb, senior vice president, Health Education Strategic Business Unit of Career Education Corporation, parent company of Sanford-Brown schools. “The Simpro Virtual Trainer will better meet the needs of our students by catering to multiple learning styles – auditory, visual, and tactile – in a highly interactive manner. We believe we’re providing the most advanced technology available for our imaging students.”

The Simpro Virtual Trainer combines four types of media to engage students and maintain interest. This flexibility provides an individualized learning pathway and allows students to navigate between different media, according to the particular steps in a specific procedure.

  • The virtual SIMULATOR trains students on relevant skills and procedures in either a Learn or Test mode. Learn mode gives students hints, telling them when they’ve done something right or wrong. In Test mode, students are assessed on clinical skills and cognitive knowledge. The simulator also provides a quiz in typical multiple-choice fashion to help students further develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • The TEXT option links users to key definitions and theory associated with the procedures/cases being studied and reference materials.
  • The 3D ANATOMY section gives students a unique look at the anatomy in order to help improve understanding, including the options to rotate (or zoom) the anatomy, along with label pop-ups for part identification.
  • The VIDEO option depicts an actual procedure that the student can follow, narrated by a medical expert. The video component is also integrated into the simulator and quizzes.

“During on-site clinical hours, a student’s training is limited to the number of incoming patients on which to practice procedures,” said Dr. Donna Payne, Director of Academic Affairs, Health Strategic Business Unit of Career Education Corporation. “We expect that with the Simpro Virtual Trainer, the students will get extended time to practice the procedures necessary for mastery.”

As new Sanford-Brown campuses are opened, the Simpro Virtual Trainer will be incorporated into their imaging programs.

About Sanford-Brown

The Sanford-Brown name dates back to 1866 when Rufus C. Crampton, a professor at Illinois College, established a school to meet the growing educational demands of post-Civil War America. Today, there are 14 campuses bearing the name Sanford-Brown College (SBC) and there are 17 other affiliated campuses operating under the names of Sanford-Brown Institute (SBI) and SBI Campus-an affiliate of Sanford-Brown. Sanford-Brown is a career training and non-degree and degree-granting institution. Programs vary by location. Sanford-Brown Colleges and Institutes are part of the Career Education Corporation (NASDAQ:CECO) network of universities, colleges and schools. Most Sanford-Brown Colleges and Institutes are accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS). SBI - Monroeville and Pittsburgh are accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). Sanford-Brown does not guarantee employment or salary. For more information about the Sanford-Brown schools please visit


SIMTICS Ltd was founded in 2004 by a group of medical professionals with a strong interest in cognitive medical training. The objective was to create leading edge educational software that would revolutionize the way healthcare professionals learn medical procedures. The multi-media software forms the Integrated Cognitive Simulator (ICS) which allows interactive simulation by the student, while tracking proficiency achieved. SIMTICS ICS delivers over the web a range of medical procedures that can be practiced on a laptop using two hands, with integrated access to text, anatomy and expert video. The software runs on any modern lap-top computer, and has been deployed in USA and UK. For more information on SIMTICS please visit

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