TippingPoint, a leader in network security and a division of 3Com (NASDAQ: COMS), today announced availability of ThreatLinQ 2.0, its customer-facing, security intelligence portal. ThreatLinQ provides TippingPoint® Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) customers with real time attack data that allows them to make informed decisions on their filter settings for optimum network performance and security. ThreatLinQ 2.0 includes capabilities that make it even easier for organizations to navigate the current threat landscape, correlate those threats with the latest filters and quickly implement policy changes to the IPS. For customers, this translates to faster and more customized protection against security attacks and a better return on their IPS investment.

As referenced in the Top Cybersecurity Risks Report, client-side applications are a major security risk for today’s enterprises. The potential damage of these types of attacks was very publicly demonstrated by the recent attacks on Google via a vulnerability in Internet Explorer. “We use the data from ThreatLinQ to uncover the risk potential of these types of vulnerabilities,” said Mike Dausin, manager of the ThreatLinQ product line. “This same data is available to all of our customers and includes more granular information on the specific types of application vulnerabilities we are seeing. They can then use this data, along with our new capabilities, to automate changes to the filters in their IPS.”

Developed in direct response to a fast-changing threat landscape, ThreatLinQ 2.0 includes several new features that make it easier and faster for customers to deploy and/or update their IPS filters. Key new capabilities include:
  • Custom Profile Creation: This feature allows users to build a profile, or a set of filters, depending on their unique environmental needs. For example, a company may have the need to protect devices running Windows XP Service Pack 2 from vulnerability exploits. A custom profile can be easily created and imported into the TippingPoint® Security Management System (SMS) for distribution to all managed IPS devices.
  • Filter Optimization Information: With this insight, customers can understand and optimize the performance stature of enabling any particular filter or groups of filters.
  • Enhanced Search: This feature integrates ThreatLinQ with an external vulnerability database and gives users the ability to search and cross reference TippingPoint filters to specific vulnerabilities.

Dausin also added, “Our customers are already leveraging the data from ThreatLinQ 2.0 to make IPS settings adjustments. The addition of the new search and performance analysis functions in ThreatLinQ 2.0, makes the portal a key component of world class network security and is only available to TippingPoint customers.”

Originally developed as a portal for TippingPoint’s Digital Vaccine ® Labs (DVLabs) researchers to track real time threats, ThreatLinQ was released to customers in 2008. The online portal tracks security threats in the wild through a network of Lighthouse boxes and customer IPS boxes that report whether traffic has triggered a particular filter. The specific attack data, such as the originating IP address, geographic location and type of attack, are then aggregated onto the site and provide customers with a real time analysis of the threat landscape. This data helps customers tune their IPS filter settings to more effectively protect their network.

The threat intelligence reported via the ThreatLinQ portal provides critical information to customers actively securing the data center. This week, TippingPoint and 3Com are announcing several new products that are designed to give data center administrators uncompromised security and efficiency. For information on these products, please visit the TippingPoint news release page for more information.

About TippingPoint and 3Com

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