Index Engines, the leader in enterprise discovery technology, and global expert advisory firm LECG (NASDAQ: XPRT), today announced their technology partnership. LECG has chosen to implement Index Engines technology, the only solution that can collect data from backup tapes without costly restoration, and also process online data at speeds of 1TB. The combination of Index Engines market leading data discovery technology and LECG’s expert services will bring the best of breed solutions to the eDiscovery market.

“We are committed to bringing our customers the best solutions possible to enable their eDiscovery and information management projects,” said Michael Bandemer, Managing Director of the Legal Technology and Analytic Consulting practice. “Index Engines’ ability to index, search and extract across all data types and formats including backup tapes, at unmatched speeds and efficiency, makes it a clear choice for us to implement in our DC3 projects.”

As part of the Index Engines/LECG partnership, Index Engines Unified Discovery Platform, winner of the LTN Gold Best New Product of 2009, is integrated into LECG’s DiscoverC3 (DC3) solutions. DC3 is strategic solution for enterprise eDiscovery initiatives. Propelled by LECGs long standing industry expertise, and supported by Index Engines market leading technology, DC3 solutions address the complexities of cost, compliance and communication surrounding enterprise information management and provide the know-how and tools to enable corporate eDiscovery.

“Our Unified Platform enables true enterprise information management by making data discovery possible across all storage containers, and at high speeds,” said Jim McGann, VP of Information Discovery at Index Engines. “By combining these capabilities with LECG’s expert services and programs, the corporate client will benefit tremendously on the road to litigation readiness.”

The Index Engines Unified Discovery Platform indexes ESI from all storage containers for comprehensive discovery. Enterprise data existing on networks, hard drives, even backup tapes is efficiently indexed, deduplicated, searched, managed and extracted through one powerful interface. The Unified Discovery Platform integrates high speed indexing into existing infrastructure that is non-invasive and highly efficient. Terabytes of data on network file servers can be processed at unprecedented speeds of  1TB per hour. Only Index Engines makes information locked away on historical backup tapes easily accessible - without the need to restore the content. One platform seamlessly indexes, searches and separates the relevant content from the mass of enterprise data, regardless of location, format or age.

Visit Index Engines at LegalTech NY, Feb 1-3, 2010 at the Hilton New York Hotel (Avenue of the Americas and 53 rd Street) in booth 2119 to see a live demo of the Unified Platform, winner of LTN’s Gold New Product of 2009, and learn more about how it will be integrated into LECG’s DC3 solutions.

About LECG

LECG, a global expert services and consulting firm, with approximately 700 experts and professionals in 31 offices around the world, provides independent expert testimony, financial advisory services, original authoritative studies, and strategic advisory services to clients including Fortune Global 500 corporations, major law firms, and local, state, and federal governments and agencies worldwide. LECG's highly credentialed experts and professional staff conduct economic and financial analyses to provide objective opinions and advice regarding complex disputes and inform legislative, judicial, regulatory, and business decision makers. LECG's experts are renowned academics, former senior government officials, experienced industry leaders, and seasoned consultants. (NASDAQ: XPRT). For more, visit

About Index Engines

Founded in 2003, Index Engines is the leader in enterprise discovery solutions. Our mission is to organize enterprise data assets, making them immediately accessible, searchable and easy to manage. Businesses today face a significant challenge organizing their files and email to ensure timely and cost efficient access, while also maintaining compliance to regulations governing electronic data. Companies rely on Index Engines solutions for comprehensive insight into their data to simplify information discovery, classification and management.

The patent-pending Index Engines discovery platform is the only solution on the market to offer a complete view of electronic data assets. Online data is indexed in-stream at wire speed in native enterprise storage protocols, enabling high-speed, efficient indexing of proprietary backup and transfer formats. Index Engines’ unique approach to offline records scans backup tapes, indexes the contents and extracts relevant data, eliminating the time-consuming restoration process. Index Engines provides the only comprehensive discovery platform across both online and offline data, saving time and money when managing enterprise information.

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