Cramer's 'Stop Trading': Microsoft, Citi

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- The technology sector is getting steam rolled, but Jim Cramer said during Friday's "Stop Trading!" segment on CNBC that there is no need to panic.

"When you see a complete exit from a sector, it is usually because of a large mutual fund or a bunch of smaller funds," Cramer said.

Cramer did say, however, that he remains concerned about SanDisk ( SNDK), which is a commodity play. He fears there could be price wars.

Qualcomm ( QCOM) had a good quarter, but released horrible guidance, Cramer said. "Qualcomm," he said, "has no credibility."

But the only reason Microsoft ( MSFT) is going down is because of the "vast exodus by mutual funds," Cramer said. "Microsoft delivered."

"You have to let these institutions do what they have to do," Cramer said -- while also nothing that, as valuations get lower, it could be a good entry point.

Cramer's last take on "Stop Trading!" was on Citigroup ( C), of which he remains positive. Cramer said Citigroup does not have a lot of mortgage exposure, other than what's in Citi Holdings unit, versus some of their competitors.

"Citi is going to be 60% international and 40% domestic in 2011 to 2012," Cramer said. "That's what every bank in America wants to be and they are the only one there."

-- Reported by Jeanine Poggi in New York.


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