CUPERTINO, Calif. ( TheStreet) -- The launch of Apple's iPad was a monumentally hyped-up event, kicking Apple ( AAPL) shares up about 1% Wednesday afternoon.

Since then, the dust has cleared. By the end of Friday, Apple's stock had fallen 3.63% to $192.06, down from Wednesday's high of about $210.

The tech-junkie universe has fallen into two camps: Those that adore anything Steve Jobs turns out, and those that find the iPad a little less than revolutionary. We've run some of the commentary triggered by our iPad coverage below.

(Comments have been edited for clarity or brevity.)

To kick things off, here's a little ditty from a reader named Gandy, whose opinion of the iPad is a little obscure:

"Wunderkind!!!...let the gushers waddle and drip...iPud...that's the ticket."

Regarding our iFlop story, Dandy thinks we've missed the big picture by not acquiescing to the fact that the iPad will be world- and life-changing.

"You will see the iPad on the desk of every executive, attorney, and doctor on all the TV shows this fall...Students will carry an iPad instead of a bag full of books. Most homes will have one or more, probably in the kitchen and/or living room. Airline pilots will carry one, and doctors making rounds. This can be a revolution as Apple products usually are! You just have to use your imagination to see a million uses!"

maverick1978 concurs, noting that the iPad will likely be widely adopted for its user-friendliness:

"The iPad is the first appliance computer that even your grandma can use. No learning-difficult menus, no multitasking necessary. This will be the device you take to your kitchen when looking for recipes, pull out of your briefcase while on a flight, or use while surfing the web in bed.

We didn't like the fact that the iPad, like the iPhone, can't run more than one program at a time. Sacto Joe agrees with us in that the iPad, which runs on the iPhone's OS, might be more similar to Apple's smartphone than it is to its Macs:

"Okay, folks. There seems to be a lot of confusion about the iPad out there. First off, it's far more comparable to the iPod than to a notebook. And to a degree I fault Steve Jobs for perpetuating that confusion...It's also nitpicking to suggest that this "Media Reader" should somehow replace a notebook. Replace a netbook, yes... But as a fantastic 'grown-up' iPod, this device is simply luscious, and for people like me that makes it irresistible!

Sacto, who told us that the Mac he bought back in 1984 was the best buy he's ever made, also thought the iPad's price was more than fair:

"O! M! G! Starts at $499!!!!!! Top-end only $829! Apple goes to $400 this year FOR SURE!

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