3. HP TouchSmart tm2

Size: 11.9 inches by 8.7 inches

Price: $949.99

Pros: Hewlett-Packard's TouchSmart has the same flip-down display and writeable 12.1-inch screen as other tablet computers, but it shines when it comes to entertainment. A custom touch interface allows quick access to content through Hulu and Netflix. With a few taps of your fingers, you can watch a movie or create your own slideshow. H-P's "BumpTop" interface scatters extra large icons on the screen to create a 3-D desktop, so you can move photos from folders to Facebook. You can even write virtual "sticky notes" and post them on the screen.

Cons: Built more for pleasure than business, the TouchSmart makes it easy to spend the day on Twitter rather than working. An engraved illustration on the aluminum chassis also gives it a less professional look than other models.

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