NEW YORK, ( TheStreet) -- Google's ( GOOG) censorship standoff with China intensified Tuesday as the Internet giant canceled its launch of a Samsung and Motorola ( MOT) Android phone for the China market.

Google had planned to introduce the two Android-powered phones for China Unicom ( CHU) on Wednesday, but a Google representative told The Associated Press that "it is postponed." The move came shortly after Chinese officials said Tuesday that "Google is no exception" to Chinese laws, according to Reuters.

Last week, Google threatened to pull out of China over charges that its network, along with several other companies, was attacked, and that two human rights advocates had their Gmail accounts hacked. In a particularly high-profile gesture, Google made the protest to force China to consider allowing unfiltered Internet search results to users in China.

China's government has shown no interest in debating the issue with Google, saying instead that Google must abide by China's law and culture.

The growing rift threatens to derail plans by Google and its phone partners like Motorola and Dell, to introduce the rapidly growing Android operating system to the world's largest wireless market.