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By Dave Fry, founder and publisher of ETF Digest.

January 14, 2010


Poor Jobless Claims and Retail Sales data were just a minor speed bump early Thursday as bulls quickly brushed them off as "move along, nothing to see here" data.  Further, bulls liked the build in business inventories and collectively said, "Let's go with that one".  Since the overall news was neutral to negative maybe it also means interest rates will remain low and the punchbowl stays with us as well.  Besides there's Intel's earnings report and most are optimistically focused on it.     

The tragedy in Haiti means massive rebuilding which should push materials like lumber and copper prices much higher.

Volume was anemic as investors are tense before Intel's report as much as they would for a Fed meeting.  Breadth was unremarkable as noted by this WSJ summary.

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Obviously investors were tense in waiting for INTC.  The earnings beat substantially and the stock rose nearly 3% in after-hours trading; however, given the fact the stock had run so much higher previously some news selling took place.  Below is the NASDAQ after-hours summary.

The above is the summary for just a few stocks but you get the idea.

Friday will feature the useless CPI data, Empire Manufacturing Survey, Capacity Utilization, Industrial Production and the Michigan Consumer Sentiment data.  The last four will be more closely watched.

Let's see what happens and you can follow our pithy comments on twitter.


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