NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- The majority of food companies covered by star analyst Farha Aslam of Stephens in her latest note to investors saw their total dollar sales increase in the four week period ended December 27, as consumers loosened their purses at grocery, drug and mass outlets across the U.S.

The checkout scanner data used in the report doesn't include Wal-Mart, club stores and convenience outlets.

Aslam provides an overweight recommendation for Dean Foods ( DF). Dean Foods' total dollar sales decreased 5.9% in the latest 4-week period. Milk sales were down 11.6%, driven by an 8.5% decline in pricing. Cream/creamer sales were up 10.9%, driven by a 9.9% volume increase. Soy milk sales were down 8% on pricing.

Aslam gives Del Monte Foods ( DLM) an overweight recommendation. Del Monte's total dollar sales were up 4.5% compared to last year. Vegetable sales were up 12% on a 23.1% volume increase and a 9% price decline, while volume promoted came in at 60.2%. Fruit sales were up 0.9%. Pet treats were up 4.5% and dog food was up 13.7%. Cat food sales were up 0.6%.

The analyst provides an equal-weight recommendation for Flowers Foods ( FLO). Flowers Foods' total dollar sales were up 4.3% compared to a year ago. Fresh bread sales were up 3.3%, driven by a pricing decrease of 1.4% and a volume increase of 4.8%. Hamburger/hot dog buns sales were down 2.5%, with volumes up 1.8% and pricing down 4.1%. All other buns and rolls were up 5.7%, as price decreased 10.5% and volumes added 18%.

Aslam gives Hormel Foods ( HRL) an equal-weight recommendation. Hormel Foods' sales increased 0.7% versus last year. Canned meat (no ham) sales were up 2.7% on volume increases of 4.9% and a 2.1% price decline. Refrigerated meats were down 1.4% and bacon sales were down 2.7%, both on pricing. Chili was down 6.6% on volume. Microwavable packaged dinner sales increased 1.1% on volume. Lunch meats increased 15.9% on mostly volume.

Aslam provides an overweight recommendation for Smithfield Foods ( SFD). Smithfield Foods' total sales were down 2.7% versus 2008 with declines from each of the top categories. Bacon sales were down 4.8% on pricing. Luncheon meats posted a 6.3% sales decline mostly on volume. Dinner sausage declined 1.7% on pricing, and frankfurters sales were down 6.4% with volumes down 7.5%.

The analyst offers an overweight ranking for J.M. Smucker ( SJM). J.M. Smucker's sales were up 4.3% vs. last year. Coffee increased 7%, as volume was up 12.8% and pricing fell 5.1%. Peanut butter was up 1.5%. Jams/jellies increased 5.8% on price and volume while shortening/oil was down 3.7% on 14.6% price declines and a 12.7% volume increase.

Aslam provides an overweight ranking for Tyson Foods ( TSN). Tyson Foods' sales were up 4.9% vs. a year ago. Processed frozen/RFG poultry sales were up 9.6% on a 21.1% volume increase. Bacon sales were down 0.7%. Frozen/RFG poultry sales were down 1.3% on a 3.5% price decline.

-- Reported by Andrea Tse in New York

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