While many publications at this time of year remind us of what happened in 2009, I would just as soon consider the past year as a "year-of-personal-development" and move on.

As an independent business owner and writer, I can honestly say that the past 12 months as been as brutal as any I've ever seen. While I don't believe we can change the situation for the future simply by wishing it to be different, I do believe that much of our success in 2010 will be driven by our attitude as leaders. As Lyndon Johnson said, "We can draw lessons for the past but we cannot live in it." To that I say Hallelujah!

I conducted a survey of CEOs to see if corporate leaders were more prone to see 2010 as a continuation of 2009, or if they too would decide to draw lessons from the past and move on. More than 75 CEOs responded to my question, which was simply, "What are your personal 'New Year's Resolutions' for 2010?"

I expected a few to be focused on survival. For example, having survived 2009, perhaps their focus would be on surviving through 2010. Or, having started more serious cost-cutting and efficiency programs in 2009, they might continue to focus on profitability by cutting back even more.

Following are a sample of the responses. If you would like to see what everybody has to say, send me an email at todd@impactsuccess.com, and I'll be glad to send you a free copy of "CEO Resolutions 2010." Just place the words "Street Offer" in the subject line and I'll get you the full report right away.

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