Still, don't lose discipline. Don't be greedy when these stocks are up. Younger investors can afford to let their gains run longer and not be as sensitive to taking profits in their winners, especially in a scenario where I expect multi-year profits. Nevertheless, even if you're young, you should still gradually sell off parts of your position in any of these stocks as it goes higher. Scale out slowly over time. Don't sell all at once, but incrementally so that eventually you're playing with the house's money, meaning whatever money you have left in the stock comes not from your original investment, but purely from the profits you've already made. Then just don't touch what's left; you're playing for free!

For younger investors, you can afford to wait longer before you start taking stock off the table, but anyone who's older, if you're reading this, you must adhere to my method of scaling out, because unlike someone in their 20s, you simply cannot risk turning big investment gains into losses. If you want and you have the time, you can use call options as stock replacement to limit your downside, but that requires more time and effort. Anyone can play the tech tsunami, but it means that for those of you who are still in your 20s or early 30s, I can't make it any more simple than this: there has never been a better time for you to start being an investor than right now. Promise me you will take advantage of it. Now see Cramer's diversified dividend portfolio>>
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