Why am I confident that we have so many years ahead of us for this smart phone product cycle? First, only about one in one hundred cell phone users have smart phones that can surf the internet and handle most of the more intensive and addictive applications. Second, most developing countries are skipping landlines entirely and putting in infrastructure that enables these phones to work everywhere, including a $40 billion program just kicked off by the Chinese government. Finally you have the backing of our own huge telco carriers-- Sprint ( S)in support of the Pre, AT&T ( T) in support of the iPhone, and Verizon ( VZ)in support of the Blackberry. That's important because without these new phones these companies can't expand or perhaps even survive. Therefore, they can be counted on to subsidize the purchase of mobile internet devices for years to come.

If you're young, or young at heart, I seriously recommend checking out and investing in one of these stocks--you can't build a portfolio just out of the mobile internet trend as it would be all tech and totally undiversified, but you can afford to take a big swing at one or two of them because you have your whole investing life ahead of you. That's right, think of it, you have not one but two incredible opportunities as a young investor, the chance to buy stocks that have been knocked down to insanely low levels, and an intuitive understanding of what could turn out to be one of the biggest moves of a lifetime, a huge new product cycle in tech based around smartphones, led by Apple, Research in Motion, and Palm, and followed by everything that makes their devices work and keeps their wireless networks running. If this is anything like previous product cycles in tech, and it seems akin to if not bigger and better than the largest ones, it will take years to wear itself out.

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