So, if you think that Apple, PALM and RIMM are too over-exposed, I can give you a menu of the stocks of other companies that go into their devices, that are also part of the mobile internet product cycle, and you can do an hour of homework to determine if you think any one of them in particular is worth owning.

What's being carried along by this huge mobile internet wave? Starent Networks ( STAR) (STAR), the enabling structure to allow phone companies to deliver multimedia services on the phones, Analog Devices ( ADI) (ADI), RF Micro ( RFMD) (RFMD), Skyworks Solutions ( SWKS) (SWKS), Texas Instruments ( TXN) (TXN), and TriQuint Semi ( TQNT) (TQNT) the builders of smart chips that allow the devices to maintain and transmit so much data, Broadcom ( BRCM) (BRCM) and Marvel Technologies ( MRVL) (MRVL), which make technologies that integrate broadband into the devices, and Sandisk ( SNDK) (SNDK), which allows them to store information and retrieve it with lightening speed.

Perhaps the best way to play this new product cycle is with Qualcom ( QCOM) (QCOM), which is the largest position in my charitable trust, which you can follow along at www.ActionAlertsPlus. Qualcomm is the company that created the technology that makes so much of smartphone intelligence possible--it's the reason you can get such terrific Internet access on your phone. It's the brains not just of one, but of all the wireless outfits. Wireless infrastructure is being built around the globe to support Qualcomm's brand new chips, its G-4 line, so the company's role in this tech tsunami's just getting started.

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