Cramer's Mobile Internet Tsunami Stocks

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Right now, though, for the first time in a decade we are seeing the beginning of a brand new product cycle, one that is truly gigantic and represents the first true secular growth trend that the market ultimately falls in love with, the kind of trend that can cause enormous, multi-year runs in the stocks that are plugged into this product cycle. What's the trend? The product? It's something that young people, really anyone from the age of 20 to as old as 35--you can see how I'm showing my age here--are uniquely able to understand and perhaps not be able to live without. It's something that should be accessible to you in an intuitive way, even as it's very difficult for older money managers and analysts to grasp because they didn't grow up with personal computers, the Internet, and cellphones. I'm talking about the mobile internet, an idea that encompasses many different devices, but is exemplified by the smartest of the smartphones the iPhone from Apple ( AAPL) (AAPL), the PALM ( PALM) (PALM) Pre, and the whole line of Blackberries from ( RIMM) (RIMM). What do I mean when I say these smartphones embody a new product cycle--the biggest product cycle that we've seen from tech since the initial rise of the Internet and maybe even bigger? I mean that devices like the iPhone, which contain a multitude of different applications and allow you to be constantly hooked up to the internet and navigate it just like you would on a computer, are fundamentally changing the way we use technology to the extent that owning a smartphone is not a luxury or a fashion statement, which is how Wall Street understands this move, it's in fact a necessity. The premise here is that there some ideas are so powerful they can dramatically change the technology in a given industry, or allow us to do something that was previously impossible, or make something that had been incredibly difficult and expensive into a process that's easy and cheap.

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