With a continued focus on energy policy both domestic and worldwide, opportunities within the energy sector abound. As an investor, don't limit yourself to the integrated oils and exploration and production (E&P) firms when considering energy. Instead, include a broadly diversified set of equities collectively referred to as alternative energy.

While the alt-energy sector pales in size compared to the established energy sector (integrated oils and natural gas and crude oil E&P), it offers the potential for significant opportunity in the coming months and years. With an international focus on global warming, alt-energy continues to attract unparalleled attention.

In trading, though, it all comes down to timing. You can be very right about what will happen in the future but be dead wrong about when it happens and how it unfolds. The result is that you end up losing both opportunity and money despite being able to "see the future." So from a larger perspective, what is the current trading landscape for the entire energy sector?

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