Apple iPhone 3GS

Carrier: AT&T
Price: $200-$300

Pros: There's a reason the iPhone is closing in on BlackBerry's smartphone market share. There are just so many toys to play with, especially as the number of apps approaches the 300,000 estimate of research firm IDC. The 16- to 32-gigabytes of memory and upgrades to the iPhone OS have placated adherents' need for speed, while the video recording and voice dialing features that had been standard on phones expanded the iPhone's playground. Its GSM digital format also makes it an easier global travel companion than its CDMA counterparts.

Cons: It may be popular, but the iPhone still won't let users change the battery or take flash photos. Its 3-megapixel camera is the weakest among its peers, its Bluetooth connection still doesn't allow for file transfers, it doesn't have a memory card and its voice quality remains pitiful. On top of all of that, U.S. users are saddled with an AT&T ( T) plan that costs roughly $90 a month and sometimes offers the service equivalent of cans and string. If AT&T were a tent, the iPhone would be the lone pole propping it up.

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