BOSTON ( TheStreet) -- The rally continued yesterday, as the Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500 Index and Nasdaq rose more than 1%. These stocks hit 52-week highs.

5. Origin Agritech ( SEED) shares doubled to $10.45. The Chinese seed producer received a Bio-safety Certificate from the Ministry of Agriculture for a genetically modified phytase corn.

Our take: Origin Agritech falls outside our coverage universe, but investors have been aggressively buying its shares. Its fiscal third-quarter revenue decreased 2.8% to $72 million, but gross profit advanced 6% to $22 million, boosted by a lower cost of sales. A 28% drop in operating expenses benefitted the bottom-line. Net income rose 20% to $11 million. Origin Agritech has a beta of 1.7, indicating above-average volatility. A beta of 1 implies perfect market correlation.

4. Rockwell Collins ( COL) climbed 2% to $54.13. The aerospace and defense company expects its commercial-aircraft supply business to rebound after this quarter.

Our take: We rate Rockwell Collins "buy." Fiscal fourth-quarter profit dropped 26% to $134 million, or 84 cents a share, as revenue declined 7% to $1.2 billion. Rockwell sells at a discount to aerospace and defense peers based on projected earnings and cash flow. Defense companies offer a degree of cyclical resilience because they derive revenue from long-term government contracts.

3. Xcel Energy ( XEL - Get Report) rose 1.6% to $20.33. The utility hired GeoSpatial Holdings ( GSPH) to provide locating and mapping services in New Mexico.

Our take: We rate Xcel Energy "buy." Third-quarter net income declined marginally to $221 million and earnings per share fell 6% to 48 cents, hurt by a higher share count. Revenue dropped 19% to $2.3 billion. Xcel's gross margin climbed from 23% to 29%, and its operating margin jumped from 16% to 20%. A quick ratio of 0.3 indicates weak liquidity. A debt-to-equity ratio of 1.2 reflects excessive leverage. Excel pays a 4.8% dividend yield, higher than the 2.8% average of S&P 500 companies.

2. Accenture ( ACN - Get Report) advanced 1.8% to $40.54. The French National Payroll Agency and the Defense Logistics Agency have hired the consulting firm.

Our take: We rate Accenture "buy." Fiscal fourth-quarter net income decreased 41% to $255 million, or 39 cents a share, as revenue declined 16% to $5.5 billion. Accenture's gross margin inched up from 30% to 31%, but its operating margin remained steady at 12%. The company has an ideal financial position, with $4.5 billion of cash and minimal debt. Accenture is cheaper than IT-service peers based on earnings, projected earnings, sales and cash flow.

1. Bristol-Myers Squibb ( BMY - Get Report) rose 2.4% to $25.05. On Friday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the use of the drugmaker's Abilify medication to treat irritability in autistic children.

Our take: We rate Bristol Myers-Squibb "buy." Third-quarter net income plummeted 63% to $966 million, but earnings per share rose 60% to 48 cents. Revenue grew 4% to $5.5 billion. The company's gross margin increased from 71% to 74%, and its operating margin climbed from 24% to 30%. Bristol-Myers Squibb is cheaper than other drugmakers based on trailing earnings, projected earnings, book value and sales. Its stock offers a 5% dividend yield.

-- Reported by Jake Lynch in Boston.