NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Which insiders are selling and buying chunks of stocks?

Below are lists of the top 10 open-market insider purchases and sales filed at the Securities and Exchange Commission Thursday as ranked by dollar value. Company executives and directors are in the best position to assess the attractiveness of their firms' shares, and here is how many of them are voting their wallets! Please note, however, that these are factual lists, not buy and sell recommendations. Dollar value is only one metric to assess the importance of an insider transaction.

Boomerang Systems (BMER) Mulvihill Christopher PR,BO 6,100,000 $610,000
1st United Bancorp (FUBC) Lynch Thomas E DIR 100,000 $500,000
Stone Tan China Acquisition (STTA) Spac Trust BO 50,818 $403,241
Stone Tan China Acquisition (STTA) Stone Roger W CB,DIR,
33,878 $268,822
Hancock Fabrics (HKFI) Subin Neil S DIR 233,250 $251,910
Fifth Street Finance (FSC) Tannenbaum Leonard M CEO,PR,
22,685 $239,393
Insured Muni Inc Fund (PIF) Karpus Management Inc BO 15,100 $203,694
1st United Bancorp (FUBC) Morrison Carlos DIR 40,000 $200,000
1st United Bancorp (FUBC) Loring Arthur S DIR 30,000 $150,000
Homeland Security Capital (HOMS) Ya Global Investments BO 200,000 $36,100
Huntsman (HUN) Matlinpatterson Partnerships BO 4,169,618 $39,682,486 (VITC) Gorsek Wayne BO 2,350,000 $28,200,000
Universal American (UAM) Welsh Carson Anderson & Stowe IX LP BO 298,079 $3,030,775
Carnival Plc (CUK) Nickel Continued Irrevocable Trust BO 84,982 $2,871,278
China Green Agriculture (CGA) Li Tao CB,CEO,
212,710 $2,591,382
Firstmerit Corp (FMER) Lloyd Philip A DIR 130,861 $2,385,596
Vitacostcom (VITC) Trapp Robert G DIR 132,164 $1,585,968
Gabelli Global Deal Fund (GDL.A) Gabelli Mario J DIR 14,924 $789,602
Finish Line In (FINL) Cohen Alan H CB,DIR,
67,901 $645,273
Berry Petroleum (BRY) Busch Ralph B III DIR 16,000 $440,707
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