BRISTOL, Tenn. (AP) ¿ King Pharmaceuticals Inc. said Monday that it launched pain drug Embeda, which is designed to be abuse-resistant.

King said it began shipping the extended-release capsules in six dosages ranging from 20 milligrams to 100 milligrams. Embeda contains morphine and a core of a second drug called naltrexone. If the drug is crushed or chewed, the naltrexone is released and the high from the morphine is canceled out. Pain pills are often abused by users who grind them up to snort or inject.

The Food and Drug Administration approved Embeda for moderate to severe chronic pain in August. King is also developing another abuse-resistant painkiller, Remoxy, with partner Pain Therapeutics Inc. King asked the FDA to approve Remoxy in December, but the agency requested more data. King plans to resubmit its application in the middle of 2010.

In afternoon trading, King shares added 14 cents to $10.95.

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