But this has been a year in which crazy stuff worked, so we'll know soon enough if Genta can add itself to that list.

My BioBuzz item on Opexa Therapeutics ( OPXA) perturbed Nicholas, who writes, "Stop hating Bleep -hole. You dont sic know Bleep about Tovaxin or the validity of the data. The data was good. Your sic a Bleeping political science major, not a medical expert. You dont sic know Bleep so dont sic write 'more of the same' without more evidence and understanding. Your sic a loser!!"

I know, Nicholas' spelling needs work, although I'm proud he got "loser" right. (Remember, it's l-o-s-e-r, not l-o-o-s-e-r.)

Judging by his email, I'm not sure I'd want Nicholas to be my go-to expert on Tovaxin either, but his anger was echoed in other emails, all of which accuse me of glossing over the "newness" of Monday's update from the phase II Tovaxin study.

I don't think I did that at all. The point I was making was that Monday's data announcement was "more of the same" about the subgroup of multiple sclerosis patients Opexa cherry-picked out of the failed phase II study from last fall.

I don't see any sensible reason to believe in Tovaxin until the company conducts another randomized and controlled study in these multiple sclerosis patients.

If day traders and momentum investors want to use Opexa as their newest favorite chew toy, then so be it, but please, don't try to base your argument on the strength of the Tovaxin data.

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