NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Which insiders are selling and buying chunks of stocks?

Below are lists of the top 10 open-market insider purchases and sales filed at the Securities and Exchange Commission Wednesday as ranked by dollar value. Company executives and directors are in the best position to assess the attractiveness of their firms' shares, and here is how many of them are voting their wallets! Please note, however, that these are factual lists, not buy and sell recommendations. Dollar value is only one metric to assess the importance of an insider transaction.

Cabelas (CAB) Mark Reuben DIR 112,995 $1,755,437
Pacific Biometrics (PBME) Giles Terry M DIR 1,474,407 $1,032,085
Supergen (SUPG) Nb Public Equity Ks BO 140,151 $397,938
Max Capital Group Ltd (MXGL) Becker W Marston CEO,DIR 15,000 $307,500
Delek US Holdings (DK) Delek Petroleum Ltd BO 28,983 $231,745
Stone Tan China Acquisition (STTA) Spac Trust BO 20,569 $162,985
Stone Tan China Acquisition (STTA) Stone Roger W CB,DIR,
15,921 $126,204
Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals (CYCC) Marxe Austin W & Greenhouse David M BO 109,266 $91,634
BCB Bancorp (BCBP) Brogan Joseph J VCB,DIR 10,000 $72,000
Tix (TIXC) Ashraf Iqbal BO 18,300 $61,664
Gap (GPS) Fisher Robert J DIR,BO 235,083 $4,714,260
Applied Materials (AMAT) Kerschbaum Manfred VP 91,169 $1,180,639
Berkshire Hathaway (BRK) Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust BO 300 $968,061
Bway Holding (BWY) Valueact Smallcap Management LP BO 60,000 $956,400
FPL Group (FPL) Stall John A PR,VP 15,000 $836,400
Globalstar (GSAT) Ahmad Fuad CFO,VP 895,927 $743,619
Endologix (ELGX) Mccormick Paul DIR 150,000 $683,910
Yahoo (YHOO) Schneider Hilary VP 43,187 $629,192
Kforce (KFRC) Liberatore Joseph J CFO 54,400 $616,882
FPL Group (FPL) Olivera Armando J CEO,PR 9,000 $503,778
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