NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Jim Cramer began his CNBC's "Stop Trading!" segment on Wednesday by saying that he's been thinking a lot about the strange linkage between oil, our markets and the Chinese market.

He said 15 percent of our market -- minerals, machinery and oil -- is directly related to the drive in demand in China.

If you could somehow delink oil from that equation, then you're only talking about 5% of the S&P 500 that is related, he said.

Cramer also said a $3 rise in oil counteracts the major Chinese trade, and he said it even counterracts bizarre secondary trades like Potash ( POT), which should be trading down because it is in negotiations with China but is trading up as if it were ethanol.

Cramer said there is a lot of negativity among professionals about the linkage between oil and the markets because they know it is bogus.

Cramer said it's known that natural gas and oil can be manipulated. And he said there are somethings like cars and retail that are not connected to what happens in China.

He also said today's market rally could be explained by a lot of mutual funds having to participate in the market by buying on dips.

Asked about a trade in health care with the Obama reform legislation going through Congress, Cramer said he still likes Triple S-Management ( GTS) and sees it moving up from $16 to $18. He also liked Wellpoint ( WLP).

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