NEW YORK ( -- Which insiders are selling and buying chunks of stocks?

Below are lists of the top 10 open-market insider purchases and sales filed at the Securities and Exchange Commission Wednesday as ranked by dollar value. Company executives and directors are in the best position to assess the attractiveness of their firms' shares, and here is how many of them are voting their wallets! Please note, however, that these are factual lists, not buy and sell recommendations. Dollar value is only one metric to assess the importance of an insider transaction.

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Genomic Health (GHDX) Baker Brothers Life Sciences DIR,BO 90,754 $1,768,977
Genomic Health (GHDX) Baker Biotech Capital DIR,BO 15,877 $309,475
Allied World Assurance (AWH) Weinhoff Samuel J DIR 2,000 $87,700
Ceco Environmental (CECE) Dezwirek Phillip CEO,DIR,BO 30,000 $81,100
Highbury Financial (HBRF) Peerless Systems Corp BO 16,430 $77,221
Erie Indemnity (ERIE) Cavanaugh Terrence W CEO,PR,DIR 2,000 $74,320
Center Financial (CLFC) Kim Jason K O 15,000 $71,200
Calgon Carbon Corp (CCC) Newlin William R DIR 3,500 $50,085
Pennantpark Investment (PNNT) Penn Arthur H CB,CEO,
5,000 $43,515
Savannah Bancorp (SAVB) Lewis J Curtis III DIR 4,502 $35,151
Microsoft (MSFT) Gates William H III DIR 2,000,000 $46,804,200
Marriott International (MAR) Marriott J W Jr CB,CEO,
783,128 $18,752,033
SXC Health Solutions (SXCI) Reddon Philip DIR 200,000 $7,658,945
Atlas Air Worldwide (AAWW) Hmc Atlas Air LLC BO 215,773 $6,075,041
Coldwater Creek (CWTR) Pence Dennis C DIR,BO 234,200 $1,720,644
JDA Software Group (JDAS) Thoma Cressey Equity Partners Inc BO 159,368 $3,197,726
Chubb (CB) Degnan John J VCB 30,000 $1,425,861
Lumber Liquidators (LL) Ta Associates Inc DIR 60,000 $1,238,598
Sapient (SAPE) Herrick Alan J CEO,DIR 150,000 $1,041,500
Mercadolibre (MELI) Spence A Michael DIR 30,000 $1,038,900

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