We need to power all of our vehicles using natural gas in order cut pollution and to reduce our trade and current account deficits. We will need to build pipelines to every existing gasoline station. This will create millions of new jobs.

The way we can accomplish this would be to drill aggressively for natural gas on all our coasts and in the interior of our country and to construct pipelines and feeder lines to every street and existing gas station in the country. We would convert or replace all furnaces for heating that now use heating oil along with all water heaters and try to switch all coal-fired electric power plants to natural gas. The coal industry could then export all the coal we now use. (Among the companies to consider if natural gas usage becomes more prominent are BP ( BP), Chesapeake Energy ( CHK), Anadarko Petroleum ( APC), Precision Drilling ( PDS), Schlumberger ( SLB) and Cheniere ( LNG) .)

3. Install solar electric panels on every roof in the U.S. The federal government would issue solar panel bonds and would then use the money to fund the purchase and installation of the panels, with 25% of the power sales going to the owner of the building and 75% to the government to pay off the bonds. If the sale of electricity were not sufficient to pay off the bonds, then the federal government would have to make an appropriation every year to make up the shortfall. Solar panels degrade over time, and science will develop better technology to replace the initial panels. The solar panel part of the plan will create millions of new jobs and a much cleaner environment.

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