My solutions include delaying a vote on the Pelosi/Obama programs listed above until Congress and the American people can analyze and debate them in public, and not before we have three consecutive months of job growth. I am suggesting a realistic policy that any prudent government would take at this time. However, we live in a country where the legislators do not really debate the new laws in public and the legislators do not even read or understand the laws before voting on them. Therefore, the chances of any Congress or president to create good national policies is severely limited because the lobbyists write most of the legislation and the legislators just vote as they are told to vote.

Job Creators

1. Cut back 50% on all foreign aid, reduce our contribution to the U.N. to 5%, and make the richer countries of the world, some of which were not independent when the U.N. was created, take on some of the load. I can assure you that the U.N. will conduct its operations more efficiently if this happens. Redirect all the savings from foreign aid cutbacks into physical infrastructure in the U.S. and college scholarships for American citizens.

2. We can reduce our balance of trade and current account deficits by huge amounts if we convert all of our vehicles to an interim and abundant fuel that we have right here in the U.S.: natural gas. Battery power is not a good solution because manufacturing and disposing of batteries, as well as creating the electricity for recharging them, cause pollution. Nothing in life comes free. Cap and trade kills jobs, as has been proven in Spain, which tried it and where unemployment now stands at 18% because they lost two regular jobs for each green job they created.

Natural gas is a gift from heaven that can be used as a massive jobs creation machine. It also reduces pollution. Think of how much we could cut pollution if we eliminated the use of all the heating oil now used to heat homes and businesses and heat water. We have the natural gas to accomplish this and much more. We have enough natural gas to convert all of our coal-fired electric power plants. We should follow the lead of France and eventually get 90% of our electricity from nuclear power, and we must start to reprocess commercially spent nuclear fuel as the French do. This would help solve our nuclear waste disposal problem.

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