NEW YORK ( Twitter is back. Our long national nightmare is over and HR departments across America can go back to figuring out how to ban it again. The most interesting fact is just who the DOS Twitter attack was aimed at .

Your IT department looks happier today than usual? You can thank Microsoft and Windows 7 ( MSFT), available tonight, for some people, probably not you. And Mr. Softy is laying down a "simmer down!" on reports of a Windows 7 bug . A bug? In a Windows product?

The TV networks are in a world of hurt ( GE) ( DIS) ( CBS) ( NSWA), and the numbers are not looking good going forward.

Can you use the charts to predict gold's ( GLD) next move ?

A great breakdown at 24/7 Wall St.

Cash for Clunkers II is now rolling; will the second dose of dough change the list of top cars being sold ? to date. But really happens to those cash for clunkers cars ?

Today's jobs report is sure to set off a whole new discussion on where we are in the recovery/recession , so join in!

And, 5 reasons the market could crash , enjoy!

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Bill McCandless is the executive editor for multimedia at TheStreet.

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