The Friday Blog Watch would have worn a tie to the beer party at The White House, and in the end Sam Adams ( SAM) is the real winner .

Add another high profile, loud internet commentator to the list of people who have quit the Apple ( AAPL) iPhone . Something tells me Steve Jobs is not losing sleep over this.

It's called the race to zero, this breakdown of Akamai's ( AKAM) earnings is a great example of where the CDN industry is heading .

So you don't have enough exposure to mortgage backed securities and you want more? Better read this first.

The GDP is still negative, unemployment high and cash for clunkers is broke, so it's a gold star for using "irrational exuberance" to describe the Dow .

Follow First Solar's ( FSLR) wild week 140 characters at a time .

Tim Geithner better be much better at fixing the economy than he is selling his house. America's most trusted newsman puts Tim in the cross-hairs .

Stare at this all day from , I dare you.

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Bill McCandless is the executive editor for multimedia at TheStreet.