Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap: Take Some Profits (Final)

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"It just keeps getting better and better for the bulls," Jim Cramer said at the start of his "Mad Money" TV show Thursday.

"But," he continued, "the market is way overbought, and it's time to take some profits."

Cramer said after 12 positive days on the Nasdaq, it's time for investors to take a step back and lock in some gains. He said there will better opportunities to buy back into the markets in the coming days, but tomorrow will not likely be one of them.

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Where to invest after the market cools off and catches its breath? Cramer said technology is the place to be. He said that technology is the only sector that's completely immune to Washington, and the Obama agenda.

Cramer explained that unlike the financials, tech didn't need a bailout. Unlike the utilities, tech doesn't pollute or emit carbon dioxide. Unlike health care, tech isn't at the forefront of Obama's agenda. In fact, said Cramer, tech is probably the only sector that's completely devoid of Washington's influence, and is largely international to boot.

Cramer said companies like Apple ( AAPL), a stock which he now thinks could once again see $200 a share, will continue to prosper, as Obama is unlikely to enact an iPod tax.

Cramer also held in high regard his other favorites: Intel ( INTC), Google ( GOOG) and Skyworks Solutions ( SWKS).

Cramer said tech will continue to shine, but only after the market takes a quick breather.

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