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Throughout the trading week on Stockpickr Answers, investing professionals answer questions posed by members of the Stockpickr community.

RealMoney's Scott Rothbort answered questions recently.

On RealMoney lately, Rothbort wrote about Halliburton's ( HAL) earnings and Ruby Tuesday's ( RT) secondary offering, and he previewed the earnings of Starbux ( SBUX), set to report on Tuesday after the market close, and Pepsi ( PEP), scheduled to report before Wednesday's market open.

Here are some questions and comments from the Stockpickr community that Rothbort responded to recently. You might have to scroll through to find his answers.

  • So far my Goldman Sachs (GS) and Apple (AAPL) shorts are wrong/early. I did cover some last week, so the pain ain't too great.
    Click here for Rothbort's response.

  • The refiners did a textbook dead-kitty-cat bounce. Once again, most are up.
    Click here for Rothbort's response.

  • Anyone going short here for a quick trade?
    Click here for Rothbort's response.

  • Take a look at Human Genome Sciences (HGSI).
    Click here for Rothbort's response.

  • Your thoughts on this rally?
    Click here for Rothbort's response.

  • The U.S. Natural Gas (UNG) fund sucked me in to buying some October calls. If nat gas gets much cheaper, the companies will practically be giving it away. I think at some point in the next few months, the "popular dilutions of the maddening of crowds" will hit this ETF.
    Click here for Rothbort's response.

  • After selling my Freeport (FCX) at $60.26, is it greedy to let it drop farther to get back in?
    Click here for Rothbort's response.

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