Good morning, and welcome to another edition of Weekend Reading. First a look back at the week that just finished, then a look forward at the week ahead, and, lastly, a summary of articles and papers worth reading.

It was a good week for the major markets. Buoyed by technology stocks and a sense that the world's economies are bottoming, markets trended markedly higher. Last week the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 7.3%, the S&P 500 advanced 7% and the Nasdaq Composite gained 7.4%. The gains were helped by better-than-expected results from a few earnings bellwethers including IBM ( IBM).

Looking forward to next week, most of the action will be tied to second-quarter earnings. Reports will be coming in a steady stream and are likely to alternately cheer or unsettle investors given the current preoccupation with supporting or refuting the recovery thesis. At a deeper level, however, the real questions should be about the shape of the recovery. It is still far from clear whether consumers' shift to lower spending is transient or permanent. I stubbornly persist in arguing that it's a significant long-term shift as consumers try to heal their balance sheets while protecting themselves from taxes and changing benefit programs in the future.

Turning to economic news, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will be on Capitol Hill twice next week to talk about the U.S. economic outlook and monetary policy. Next week will also bring data on June existing-homes sales, plus weekly jobless claims and July consumer sentiment.

As for earnings, companies reporting next week include American Express ( AXP), Apple ( AAPL), Boeing ( BA), Caterpillar ( CAT), DuPont ( DD), McDonald's ( MCD), Microsoft ( MSFT), and 3M ( MMM).

Finally, here are some articles and papers worth reading:

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