Talk about your rotten years. It seems things for American International Group ( AIG) just keep going from bad to worse ... and whatever comes after that.

In an article released today by Bloomberg, a lawyer in the case is quoted as saying that claims from the June 22 Washington Metro transit crash could top $100 million.

According to the report, AIG, along with Lloyd's of London, Berkshire Hathaway ( BRKA) and XL Capital ( XL), were insurers on the accident.

The final tally will depend on a host of insurance and personal injury calculations, including medical care costs and the level of negligence involved. But the article goes on to say that the accident, which killed nine and injured over 70 others, may weigh down profits for a number of insurers and lead to insurance rate raising for trains.

Earlier today, reports also surfaced that Franklin Templeton Investments, a sub of Franklin Resources ( BEN), which was leading a consortium seeking to acquire a unit of AIG, dropped out of the bidding process .

Shares of AIG were down 1.8%, or 26 cents, at $14.06 today.
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