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Do-It-Yourself Portfolios: Stockpickr member frankshao, in a self-titled portfolio, included AIG ( AIG) and Bank of America ( BAC).

For Portfolio 1, member jeffbriggs selected General Electric ( GE) because it's "poised to take advantage of the green revolution" and Wells Fargo ( WFC) because it's "always been a well-managed organization that has been treated poorly simply because it is a financial."

Stockpickr Answers: Clementplace wants to know, with earnings coming up from such companies as CVS ( CVS) and Citigroup ( C), if anyone has a favorite. And husky20 asks: " Why is everyone hating on Goldman ( GS) so much?"

Articles: Today's articles examine companies that recently increased their dividends and what Jim Cramer's had to say about companies such as Exxon Mobil ( XOM).

Spotlight Portfolios: Highlighted portfolios today include Financial Short Squeezes and Rocket Stocks for the Week.

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