"The stock of GM ( GMGMQ) is going to be canceled. It is worthless," said Jim Cramer on CNBC's "Stop Trading!" segment on Friday. "We had an analyst yesterday who said the AIG ( AIG) stock is most likely going to be worthless."

The stocks, however, continue to be traded, which Cramer said is like buying a ticket for the previous night's lottery. "These are traps for people," said Cramer. "The government should be policing this."

"Someone has to protect the little guy," he said. "These stocks should be canceled."

Earlier today, Goldman Sachs upgraded tech hardware and software, and no one seems to care, said Cramer. "Everyone's so negative. It doesn't matter what happens," he said. "No one cares about anything positive anymore."

He offered the example of Novellus ( NVLS), which reports on Monday and was upgraded by two firms. "It's up 6 cents," he said.

Goldman "recommended Dell ( DELL), which is like the worst tech company on earth," he said. "It's a statement!"

Turning to earnings season, he said that he would not be surprised if Apple ( AAPL) reports "a number that blows your socks off."