Financial Winners and Losers: JPMorgan

Updates share prices throughout.

Financial stocks closed down with the wider market Friday, as investors eye upcoming earnings and JPMorgan Chase ( JPM) continued to wrestle with undoing its final bailout ties.

JPMorgan shares finished 3.8% lower to $32.34 after a report the company cannot agree on a price with the federal government to buy back warrants issued to the Treasury Department through the Troubled Asset Relief Program. The company repaid the government's $25 billion preferred equity stake last month. Nine other of the nation's 19 largest banks that passed government stress tests also repaid preferred equity stakes, but still must strike deals for warrants.

JPMorgan, Bank of America ( BAC) and Citigroup ( C) are among the big national banks slated to report earnings next week. JPMorgan is expected to report Thursday, followed by BofA and Citi on Friday.

BofA shares closed down fractionally to $11.88, while Citi shares were gave back 10 cents to $2.59. Wells Fargo ( WFC) shares lost 1.8% to $22.87.

On the flip side, American Express ( AXP) shares added 1.8% to $23.21 and American International Group ( AIG) gained 23.8% to $11.74 after a steep selloff on a bearish analyst report Thursday.
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