Nightlife and Luxury Rule in Marrakech

Marrakech, Morocco's third-largest city, has become a world-class destination for spa revelers and travelers looking for five-star luxury.

While Amanresorts' hotel has long been the top destination, new additions like the Murano Resort and the forthcoming W Hotel Marrakech and Mandarin Oriental are raising the profile of Palmeraie, an upscale neighborhood outside the city's historic center.

The Paris-based Murano Resort operates a chic resort in Marrakech.

Far removed from the 24-hour intensity of the Medina area, Palmeraie offers an over-the-top resort experience fit for a king.

Welcome to Marrakech: When you arrive, your first thought will be "thank god I'm not driving." Traffic lights are more of a suggestion; the more aggressive driver gets the right of way.

Scooters zoom by carrying at least three passengers, buses weave down the road's shoulder and a middle divider unsuccessfully contains pedestrians carrying goats, groceries and occasional household appliances.

Checking in: The all-suite Murano Resort has become a favorite of celebrities like pop star Rihanna.

As you arrive, a guard will wave you through a dramatic entryway of Moroccan architecture and flashy French design. The hotel's lobby sits beneath a domed ceiling, but features minimalist furnishings reminiscent of Paris couture.

A short staircase leads to a chandelier-topped lounge and an intimate dining room that opens to a massive pool deck. Outside, you'll find the pinnacle of the resort: a rose red swimming pool surrounded by red daybeds. French dance music from a nearby DJ adds to the festive ambience.

Rooms: The Murano consists of four two-story brick buildings that line the perimeter of the property. A tiled courtyard with a fountain sits in the middle. Each building contains four guest rooms, which come in medium, large and extra large.

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