Whether or not the Clean Energy Bill will boost coal, these equities will most definitely be influenced: CONCOL Energy Inc. ( CNX), up 39% after witnessing a March low of $22.58 to close at $31.40 on July 2; Peabody Energy ( BTU), closing at $29.16 on June 2, up nearly 43% after hitting a low of $20.43 in March; Foundation Coal HLDG ( FCL), up 88% to close at $25.52 on June 2, after seeing a $13.56 low in January; Patriot Coal ( PCX) rebounding beautifully from a March low of $2.97 to close at $6.29 on July 2; an increase of 112%.

Keep in mind these energy stocks come with risks. To help moderate these risks, a sound exit strategy is of utmost importance.

According to the latest data from www.SmartStops.net, here are the price levels where the uptrend of these stocks would be over: CNX at $30.31; BTU at $28.73; FCL at $23.00; PCX at $5.49. You can track the daily changes and other updated data at www.SmartStops.net.

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