OptionMonster co-founder Pete Najarian provides options picks Monday, Wednesday and Friday in TheStreet.com's Deep in the Money Calls newsletter.

By David Russell, reporter at OptionMonster

Bearish ETF attracts large trade: One investor placed a large bet Monday against the S&P 500, combining the power of options with a leveraged exchange-traded fund.

Traders are bullish on McAfee (MFE): Options action turned bullish for the security software maker as traders bet that its stock will rally past $45 by July expiration.

Why volume is so important: Ever since the March rally began, one factor that has drawn consistent complaints is volume. Many bulls and bears alike say volumes don't appear to be keeping pace with the advance.

Monday Premarket:

Student loan firms trading higher: FBR Capital reiterated its "outperform" ratings while raising estimates and price targets on education lenders SLM ( SLM - Get Report) and Nelnet ( NNI - Get Report).

NDX triggers short-term bullish pattern: Trading Friday did little to change support and resistance for the major indexes, though the Nasdaq 100 did move a hair above the 1480 level and triggered a short-term "flag" formation.

Complex bearish trade in Amgen (AMGN - Get Report): Shares of the biotechnology company are on the rise, but someone clearly doesn't believe in the move and has taken a complex bearish position.

Luck vs. education: Many people blame hedge funds for the current financial mess and are calling for them to be regulated. Some are questioning the value of hedge funds at all, and a few are even hearing their death knell.

Insider options trading: A special report on how the rising popularity of options has made it easier than ever earn huge returns from even a small piece of inside information. It's also gotten easier than ever to get caught.