The most important story in the world today, or close to it, is Apple ( APPL).

I know this, and you know this. Or you should. If you don't, what on earth have you been doing? Here's what I found in under 10 minutes of visiting various sites on the Internet.

At The Wall Street Journal's online home, the top item just below the navigation links was the Breaking News bar. In it was, "Live Blog: Apple unveils new OS software for iPhone at conference. See continuing coverage." That's important placement.

The New York Times Web site had, "Apple Introduces iPhone 3GS, a Faster Phone," right beside "N. Korea Sentences 2 U.S. Journalists to 12 Years of Labor" and under "Europe Vote Deepens Gloom for Brown" about the troubles facing the U.K.'s prime minister. Pretty important placement here.

On, if you believe the order of things, the story was judged not as crucial as the stock market or an item about GM ( GMGMQ) credit-default swaps, but it did surpass the likes of Ford ( F) saying GMAC now has a lending advantage, an item on natural gas prices and an article on a union at Air France wanting pilots to stop flying two Airbus jets until they get some upgrades.

Above the lead story on MarketWatch was, "Bulletin: Apple says new iPhone 3GS is twice as fast as current model."

If you've watched CNBC, you would be pretty certain nothing else was going on at all. Anywhere. Out of curiosity I went to Google and searched for "web sites about Apple." I got back Results 1-10 of about 113,000,000.

And of course, this site certainly isn't devoid of comment about those rebels out in Cupertino.

You're interested in Apple, the iPhone, the Mac, Steve Jobs, Palm ( PALM), the Pre. I know. Nothing else matters right now. We're talking smartphones here. Those folks at RIM ( RIMM) can't be happy right now.

Fortunately, we're past that minor automaker bankruptcy last week. We don't need to worry about any more headlines telling us 6 million U.S. jobs have been lost in the past year and a half until next month. It's Apple's day, and it's all good.

Speaking of jobs, that's what we in the media are doing, you know. Giving you, our customers, what you want. What you want is Apple. Nothing else. I'll go ahead and speak for all of us in the industry when I apologize for the rest of that unrelated clutter on our sites masquerading as news.