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The recession is clearly fueling the popularity of mother-oriented blogs that focus on penny pinching. But it's difficult to estimate how many there are because many female bloggers who used to limit themselves to such areas as gardening and weddings now include money-saving tips.

Jessica Hogue, research director of Nielsen Online, which has studied more than 10,000 parenting and mother-oriented blogs, believes about two dozen mother-oriented blogs that focus on frugality are influential. She ranks them based on how much chatter they garner, their volume of followers on and the number of times consumers link to them from other blogs, among other criteria.

Here are the top five mom-oriented blogs with a frugal focus Nielsen found most influential.


Founder: Mercedes Levy, 34, mother of two boys, ages 4, 18 months.

Based: Sheboygan, Wis.

Background: Certified Public Accountant, holds an MBA. Stay-at-home mother. Started blog October 2007.

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