Last night's "Mad Money" found Jim Cramer in ever-more familiar territory, talking up the "Four Horsemen of Tech" -- Research in Motion ( RIMM), Apple ( AAPL), Google ( GOOG) and Amazon ( AMZN) -- along with one of his tech specs, Cadence Design Systems ( CDNS).

The market was mixed in its response.

Research in Motion was down 12 cents to $82.02 in midday action. It shuttled past $83 earlier in the day. But intense pressure is on the horizon for the Blackberry-maker because of new smart phones hitting the scene.

Apple, for its part, was down 30 cents, coming in at $139.09 on the day so far -- although, since last week, the stock is up more than 6%. Shares are trading at a high since the beginning of 2009.

Late last week, Palm ( PALM) announced that its Pre smartphone will come equipped with the ability to sync with Apple's iTunes software. The Pre has been seen as a threat to the iPhone's cool, smart phone cachet since the Pre was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Expo in January. It will be made available on June 6. Apple is expected to take the cover off a new version of the iPhone sometime next week.

Meanwhile, a cloud still hangs over Apple. Elan Microelectronics filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple back in April. The Taiwan-based manufacturer contends that Apple infringed on aspects of Elan's touch screen technology in manufacturing the iPhone, Macbook and iPod Touch. Reuters, however, reported earlier today that a possible settlement is in the works.

As for Google, it was up 25 cents to $426.81 by midday. The stock is up over $23 in the past week. At the beginning of May, The New York Times reported that the Federal Trade Commission started an antitrust inquiry, examining ties between the boards for Apple and Google. The two companies' boards share directors Eric Schmidt, Google's CEO, and Arthur Levinson, former CEO of Genentech ( DNA).

But news coming out of the Computex Conference in Taipei yesterday -- or what should be dubbed "the Netbook conference" -- may be warming Google investor's hearts. Google is teaming up with Acer in offering Google's Android operating system as an option on Acer's netbooks.

The final tech bellwether, Amazon, was up $1.17 to $84.21 by early afternoon. The stock is inching closer to its $88 high from a year ago.

Back in April, the company reported an 18% rise in year-over-year sales for the first quarter, thanks in part to the Kindle reader. But with reports that Google will be unveiling a new e-book market soon, Amazon said it will release its Kindle DX, a wide-screen version of the reader, on June 10th.

Cadence was just barely changing hands in positive territory by midday, up 1 cent. Noting that all of his other spec plays are moving, Cramer said this one would be next. Earlier in May, Cramer said Cadence's competition for making chipmaker tools was nil. Plus, a new chairman and CFO meant management mistakes from the past were just that -- in the past. Last week, Cadence announced that it would be supplying products to Netronome, a Pennsylvania-based network processing developer.
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