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U.S. government borrowing is accelerating inflation expectations, making investments priced in foreign currencies more attractive. The best-performing geographically focused funds outperformed all other categories for the week ending yesterday.

The yield on 10-year U.S. government bonds rose to 3.75% yesterday, a six-month high. Even investors in so-called "risk-free" securities want to be compensated for the potential loss in value of the U.S. dollar due to inflation.

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The best-performing geographically focused fund this week is the Templeton Russia and East European Fund ( TRF), gaining 14%. While flat for the week, the Russian ruble has been strengthening against the dollar for the past 3 1/2 months and is now at its strongest level since Jan. 9.

Sberbank, one of the fund's biggest holdings, rose 13%. As the largest holder of ruble deposits, Sberbank is helped by a rising ruble, giving confidence to Russian depositors to leave their money in the bank and not convert it to other currencies.

Mechel ( MTL) jumped 26% after the Russian steel producer got an extension of a bridge loan to finance an acquisition and the restart of a shaft furnace at its Southern Urals Nickel Plant, which added 15% to capacity utilization. Vimpel-Communications ( VIP) soared 20% on reporting lower-than-expected losses and a 20% increase in wireless subscribers compared with a year earlier.

India's rupee has been on a three-month rally against the U.S. dollar, bringing it to its strongest level since December 2008. The India Fund ( IFN) spiked 13%, continuing a climb that tracks, in part, the advancing rupee.

Two Indian clothing companies held by the fund, Provogue India and Brandhouse Retails, zipped 36% and 24%, respectively. Another standout holding, Madhucon Projects, rose 28% on word of a 1.96 billion rupee ($41.6 million) construction contract from Northern Coalfields.

Best-Performing Geographically Focused Funds
Fund Ticker Rating Fund Type 1 Week Total Return
Templeton Russia and East European Fund TRF D- Closed-End 14.07%
India Fund Inc/The IFN D Closed-End 13.17%
Claymore/AlphaShares China Real Estate ETF TAO C- ETF 12.98%
Aberdeen Australia Equity Fund Inc IAF C+ Closed-End 12.77%
Direxion Latin America Bull 2X Fund DXZLX U Open-End 12.44%
ProFunds UltraLatin America UBPIX U Open-End 12.35%
iShares FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Asia Index Fund IFAS E- ETF 11.84%
Direxionshares Daily Emerging Markets Bull 3X Shares EDC U ETF 11.49%
Cohen & Steers Asia Pacific Realty Shares Inc APFAX U Open-End 11.08%
Market Vectors Africa Index ETF AFK U ETF 10.60%
Source: Bloomberg & TheStreet.com Ratings

All 10 of the worst-performing geographically focused funds this week are inverse funds betting against select foreign markets, especially Latin America, emerging markets, Japan and China.

Funds sinking the furthest were ProFunds UltraShort Latin America ( UFPIX), off 12%; Direxionshares Emerging Markets Bear 3X Shares ( EDZ), down 10%; and ProFunds UltraShort Emerging Markets ( UVPIX), dropping 9.1%.

Worst-Performing Geographically Focused Funds
Fund Ticker Rating Fund Type 1 Week Total Return
ProFunds UltraShort Latin America UFPIX U Open-End -11.69%
Direxionshares Emerging Markets Bear 3X Shares EDZ U ETF -10.41%
ProFunds UltraShort Emerging Markets UVPIX E- Open-End -9.09%
ProFunds Ultra Short Japan ProFund UKPIX C+ Open-End -8.73%
Direxion Emerging Markets Bear 2X Fund DXESX E- Open-End -7.98%
Profunds Ultra Short China ProFund UHPIX U Open-End -7.86%
ProShares UltraShort FTSE/Xinhua China 25 FXP E- ETF -7.82%
ProShares UltraShort MSCI Emerging Markets EEV E- ETF -7.16%
ProShares Short MSCI Emerging Markets EUM E ETF -3.80%
ProShares UltraShort MSCI EAFE EFU C- ETF -3.47%
Source: Bloomberg & TheStreet.com Ratings

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