General Motors ( GM) will get up to $5 billion and Chrysler $500 million in short-term aid, the Detroit News reports, citing a 250-page government report the newspaper obtained.

The Detroit News reported last week that GM would get about $5 billion and Chrysler $500 million, citing an Obama administration official, which prompted a denial from the White House.

The short-term aid figures are disclosed in the report from the Treasury Department's Inspector General on the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program, the newspaper says. The report was obtained from a congressional source late Monday.

The report also discloses the Treasury Department has spent $24.8 billion of its projected $25 billion on its auto program, including $13.4 billion for GM, $4 billion for Chrysler, nearly $6 billion to support GMAC and $1.5 billion to aid Chrysler Financial.

The Detroit News says the report also says that the Obama administration initially plans to set aside $1.25 billion to pay for a warranty program that will guarantee the warranties of Chrysler or GM vehicles if either automaker files for bankruptcy protection.

Reuters reports the Obama administration will make about $500 million available to Chrysler through the end of the month as the automaker seeks to reach an alliance with Italy's Fiat. The administration's task force doesn't believe Chrysler can stand alone and is brokering meetings this week in Washington and Detroit to see if a deal with Fiat is possible, Reuters notes.

Reuters reports GM will get up to $5 billion through May to help it restructure outside of bankruptcy.

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