Bank of America ( BAC) led the list of most-searched stocks on Monday as investors looked for information ahead of the earnings season for banks. BofA is scheduled to report on April 20.

Two more banks followed, Citigroup ( C) and Wells Fargo ( WFC), the latter of which led a rally Thursday thanks to its optimistic profit comments.

Goldman Sachs ( GS), whose earnings are due Tuesday, was up next. That bank looks to be stuck with the deal it made with Warren Buffett last year.

Rounding out the top five was AIG ( AIG), and up next was American Express ( AXP). James Altucher covers the Barron's article discussing whether the stock is a buy.

Industrial conglomerate General Electric ( GE), which was acknowledged for its strong leadership, also made the list, as did General Motors ( GM), where bankruptcy speculation continues to weigh on the stock.

Fellow automaker Ford ( F) was next to last, and Chevron ( CVX), which declined after the company said its first-quarter earnings would be lower than the fourth quarter, rounded out the list. Ratings, recently cited for Best Stock Selection from October 2007 through February 2009 , is an independent research provider that combines fundamental and technical analysis to offer investors tremendous value in volatile times. To see how your portfolio can use this research, click here now!