Amid an abortive deal between Sun Microsystems ( JAVA) and IBM ( IBM) and a broader market downturn, most tech stocks took a dive Monday.

After enjoying a run-up on rumors that it might be acquired, Sun shares fell back to earth Monday, losing 23 .3% to $6.51, after it was reported that IBM had withdrawn its offer for the firm. IBM shares, meanwhile, fell 0.7% to $101.47, as investors wondered what would come next.

Another of the day's biggest losers was Garmin ( GRMN), which fell 4.3% to $22.11 on seemingly no news whatsoever.

Cisco ( CSCO), meanwhile, dropped 3.7% to $17.47.

On the winning side:

Infineon Technologies ( IFX) rose 17.2% to $1.50.

Advanced Micro Devices ( AMD) rose 2.9% to $3.53. Research In Motion ( RIMM) rose 8.5% to $64.31.

Apple ( AAPL) rose 2.1% to $118.43.

Sprint ( S) rose 5% to $4.40.

Verizon ( VZ) rose 0.7% to $33.03.

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