Which insiders are selling and buying chunks of stocks?

Below are lists of the top 10 open-market insider purchases and sales filed at the Securities and Exchange Commission on Tuesday as ranked by dollar value. Company executives and directors are in the best position to assess the attractiveness of their firms' shares, and here is how many of them are voting their wallets!

Insider Insights

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Company Name (Ticker) Filer Name
Las Vegas Sands (LVS) Adelson Sheldon G CB,CEO,
7,839,800 $23,154,669
Liquidity Services (LQDT) Clough Phillip A DIR 300,000 $2,059,770
Americredit (ACF) Cumming Ian M DIR 225,000 $1,408,500
QLT (QLTI) Nb Public Equity Ks BO 433,018 $752,459
Electronic Game Card (EGMI.OB) Steinberg Leonard DIR 1,000,000 $523,600
Actuant (ATU) Arzbaecher Robert C CEO,PR,
18,000 $189,052
Innerworkings (INWK) Lefkofsky Eric P DIR 50,000 $187,625
Churchill Downs (CHDN) Duchossois Richard L DIR,BO,
5,000 $150,150
Macerich (MAC) Anderson Dana K VCB,DIR 25,000 $148,500
Robbins & Myers (RBN) Wallace Peter C CEO,PR,
10,000 $147,970
Company Name (Ticker) Filer Name
Accelrys (ACCL) Mak Capital One LLC BO 387,356 $1,509,837
Universal Insurance (UVE) Downes Sean P DIR,VP,
250,000 $1,012,500
Shutterfly (SFLY) Clark James H BO 83,906 $786,767
Bebe Stores (BEBE) Mashouf Neda BO 110,503 $734,984
Continental Resources (CLR) Straeter Richard H PR 15,000 $336,197
Metalico (MEA) Maxwell Bret R DIR 63,485 $128,405
Coleman Cable (CCIX) Jana Partners LLC BO 50,100 $126,224
Alleghany Corp (Y) Burns John J Jr DIR 400 $105,724
Dell (DELL) Luce III Thomas W DIR 11,115 $105,593
Salesforce Com (CRM) Van Veenendaal Frank PR,SO 3,000 $99,309
Key to Titles:A=Assistant, AI=Affiliated Investor, AO=Accounting Officer, BD=Business Development, BO=Beneficial Owner, CAO=Chief Accounting Officer, CB=Chairman, CCO=Chief Compliance Officer, CEO=Chief Executive Officer, CFO=Chief Financial Officer, CIO=Chief Information Officer, CO=Compliance Officer, COO=Chief Operating Officer, CT=Controller, CTO=Chief Technology Officer, DIR=Director, F=Founder, FO=Financial Officer, GC=General Counsel, HR=Human Resources, IO=Information Officer, IR=Investor Relations, LO=Legal Officer, MD=Managing Director, O=Officer, OO=Operating Officer, PR=President, PT=Partner, REL=Relative of an insider, SEC=Secretary, SH=Shareholder, SO=Sales Officer, TO=Technology Officer, TR=Treasurer, TT=Trustee, VCB=Vice Chairman, VP=Vice President, X=Ex Officer or other title displayed.
Source: InsiderInsights.com

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