By Jud Pyle, CFA, chief investment strategist for the Options News Network

Brutal day in the markets today, with all major market indices down over 3%. With the selloff, the CBOE SPX Volatility Index (VIX) is up more than 11% today.

Several articles had been written during the last selloff that ended March 9 that the VIX was not correlating with the S&P 500 the way it had in the past. The normal correlation is for the VIX to rise when the market falls. But in February and early March, that relationship was less strong. Today at least, the VIX is following the drop in the market as expected.

The VIX can be a complicated concept to comprehend. But one concrete thing to look at instead is the S&P Depositary Receipts ( SPY) front-month, at-the-money straddle. Today, the April straddles are expanding as a percentage of strike.

Looking at the SPY April 79 straddle, we see that the calls are trading for around $2.80 and the put for $3.10, with the stock right around $78.67. That means the straddle is around $5.90 because the straddle is the sum of the call and the put. On Friday at the close, the SPY was at $81.61, so the 82 strike was at-the-money. The straddle closed at $5.94.

So the straddle has gone down by 4 cents. How can the VIX be up with a declining straddle you may say? But what makes this interesting is that here we are with one less day until April expiration, and yet the option market is pricing a range that is larger on a percentage basis than it was prior to the weekend. Currently, the straddle is 7.46% of strike (5.9/79), while on Friday it was 7.24%.

Aside from the rising VIX, another indication that fear is on the rise today is the decline in junk bond prices. The SPRD Lehman High Yield Bond ETF ( JNK) is down more than 2% today. The spread of junk-bond yields to Treasury yields typically rises when investors demand more risk premium.

Warren Buffett has been quoted saying it is good to be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful. Today there is definitely plenty of fear for investors with strong stomachs to take advantage of.

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Jud Pyle, CFA, is the chief investment strategist for Options News Network. Pyle started his career in finance in 1994 as a derivative analyst with SBC Warburg. After four years with Warburg, Pyle joined PEAK6 Investments, L.P., in 1998 as an equity options trader and as chief risk officer. A native of Minneapolis, Pyle received his bachelor's degree in economics and history from Colgate University in 1994. As a trader, Pyle traded on average over 5,000 contracts per day, and over 1.2 million contracts per year. He also built the stock group for all PEAK6 Investments, L.P. hedging, which currently trades on average over 5 million shares per day, and over 1 billion shares per year. Further, from 2004-06, he managed the trading and risk management for PEAK6 Investments L.P.'s lead market-maker operation on the former PCX exchange, which traded more than 10,000 contracts per day. Pyle is the "Mad About Options" resident expert. He is also a regular contributor to "Options Physics."