General Motors ( GM) and Chrysler will get more money from the federal government, according to published reports.

"I think it's clear there will be more support, and there will be some conditionality to it," U.S. Sen. Carl Levin (D., Mich.) told reporters Thursday, according to the Detroit News.

So far, GM has received loans of $13.4 billion, while Chrysler has received $4 billion. As a condition of the loans, the companies must show by March 31 that they have restructuring plans that will enable them to become viable.

President Barack Obama's auto task force doesn't want to let the two automakers slip into bankruptcy protection and is prepared to lend them more money, The Wall Street Journal reported. GM is seeking more than $16 billion, while Chrysler wants $5 billion.

The task force's intent is to seek sacrifices from management, the United Auto Workers and GM bondholders: It may use the promise of more loans as leverage to obtain those sacrifices, the newspaper said.