My "outrage" about the shareholder lawsuit against General Electric ( GE) generated a huge number of responses from other stockholders.

Many expressed support for Karen Christiansen and her lawsuit against GE; some took the company's side or simply had no sympathy for an investor who they felt didn't do enough homework before buying.

Here are some highlights:

"I own a few thousand shares of GE for the past several years. I am extremely upset, angry, outraged and totally disappointed with the management in general and with Mr. Immelt in particular. I feel the Board is asleep or in his bag. I have lost about 90% of my net worth in GE. I suppose the small investors have no rights. Mr. Immelt should be fired so also the board. Just my rant."

"What has happened to the GE that has always been caring to their share holders??? What a disappointment to so many of us."

"I am outraged, but not because Immelt cut the dividend, but because a class action suit went forward. Christiansen should be a big girl and recognize that there are no guarantees in investing. With the current volatility of the economy and credit markets, it should be no surprise that things can change in relatively short periods of time (i.e., January to March)."

"We should applaud Christiansen for filing her deposition against Immelt. Knowingly deceiving shareholders is wrong is all aspects. However, proving that's the case is another story -- best of luck with the lawsuit. Although GE really doesn't need another headache or cash outflow (if they lose)."

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