Ronald Sorenson, manager of the Reaves Utility Income Fund ( UTG), says he's focusing on utilities with the best potential to benefit from low interest rates and economic stimulus programs. They include AT&T ( T), ITC Holdings ( ITC) and American Water Works ( AWK).

"Electric utilities, the largest concentration in our portfolio, came roaring back last week, and telephones did well too," Sorenson says. His closed end fund gained 12% in the five trading days ending Thursday, topping the average utility fund, which rose 8.2%.

Sorenson's firm, W.H. Reaves & Co., founded by William Reaves in 1961, specializes in utility research. His fund invests in telephone, gas, electric and water companies, which continue to boost earnings and generate dividends.

"Which would you rather have, shares of AT&T, which raised its dividend twice in the last year, has huge cash flow and an attractive 6.3% dividend yield or 10-year Treasury bonds yielding 2.6%?" he says.

Sorenson says the telecommunications provider might benefit from the Federal Reserve's efforts to keep interest rates low. The more interest rates decline, the better utilities look.

He has also been targeting companies poised to benefit from President Barack Obama's economic stimulus plan. The effort aims to improve the country's power and water infrastructure, and increase access to broadband communications services. He owns shares of electricity provider ITC Holdings, which rose 13% last week, and American Water Works, a water utility that surged 10%.

The Reaves Utility Income Fund's best-performing holding last week, General Maritime ( GMR), sailed ahead by 22%. General Maritime, which transports crude oil, will likely generate sizable dividends in the coming years, Sorenson says.

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